two young boys in bathing suits looking left at the harbor
I appreciate your interest and want to provide you
with options.

As each video story is unique, I offer a complimentary consultation to clarify your wishes.

We’ll identify what kind of video project you would like edited.

I’ll review the materials you provide.
We’ll agree on what’s needed to complete the video story project and I will provide an estimate for your consideration.
Minimum project budget is $1000.
This is beautiful. You have done an amazing job. Wow. I love how you weave through time rather than going chronologically. It’s much more fun to watch. I just had to watch it again. You really captured the characters in our family, and they are characters!  I am impressed that you picked up the nuances of who we are.
R. Taubman, CA
A professional film and video editor takes your vision into WONDER on the screen.