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Fulfilling your PROMISE

At some point, you realize the footage you recorded could be edited into a video memoir. You always meant to get to this. Now you can.


You've envisioned something that transcends common chronology and radiates the heart and essence of the story you love. A video poem.

Your Hidden GEMS

Mysteriously scattered through your footage collection are story facets. Once connected, they form a Cinematic Gem,
shimmering with storytelling light.
Minimum project budget is $1000.
couple at beach
baby girl in onesie

Video Editing Services

black and white silhouette of man and woman at sunset by the ocean

Intimate Stories

You told the story of our life and our wedding (one of the first legal, same-sex weddings in New York State) in a sensitive and profound way while making it a work of art for anyone to enjoy, even people who don't know us ... the musical soundtrack you created enhanced the project immeasurably and brought us to tears the moment we first watched our video memoir.
L. King and D. Stone, New York
When I first saw the edited video about my children,
I fell IN LOVE with them in a whole NEW WAY.
J. Blau, New York

Your Editing Menu

(prices start at $1000)

One Minute Memento
to share a short story burst of energy
and feeling across the web with the
power of a tv spot.

Video Memoir/Personal History Video
to preserve your legacy, dreams and stories
for the next generations

Interview (direction and editing)
to enhance the power and perspective
of your story

to commemorate the essence of a life you treasure

Celebration/Milestone Video
to astonish and enchant your loved ones
during life's great events

Digital Archive of your footage collection
so your footage is always easy to find, use, and share
A professional film and video editor takes your vision into WONDER on the screen.