Client Testimonials

late 1950

Warmth and Perspective

I have known Eric since 2001, when we were both living and working in New York City. Whether he is working on a commercial for TV, creating a custom video piece for a special family occasion, or teaching his "Editor's Eye: Cinema Appreciation from the Cutting Room Perspective" class (which I VERY highly recommend!), Eric is a wonderfully creative storyteller, as well as having technical skills of the very highest level. Eric also brings his own unique perspective and very warm sense of humor to any project or situation. I really can't recommend him highly enough!
K. Canfield Shepard, California

The Human Being As Is

I'm fascinated by the quiet, precise patience that waits for the defining image and word in your work. In a hyped up world of reality, you are reintroducing the human being AS IS and it is both fascinating and immensely satisfying.
B. Malicoat, California
WHAT SETS ERIC APART is his insight and his ability to reach directly into the heart of the subject. He is a natural storyteller both in life and through film and video. When I first watched the piece he shot and edited of my children, I fell in love with them in a new way. His work is brilliant — it casts simple memories in a fresh and inspiring light.
J. Blau, New York


I would like to say thank you again for the wonderful tribute video of my father’s career. It has been very gratifying to view it with so many people. It brought back some very distant and most fond memories for me, my family, and friends. I am amazed you were able to sift through those miles of video tape and produce a piece of work that captures the best of my father as a CBS news reporter. Your selection of the news stories he covered, and the sequence in which you arranged them was perfect. The production quality rivals anything to be found on television, or in theatres.

Many who viewed it found it hard to believe you never met my Dad, and that I did not participate in the production. Clearly, you, like my dad, have a good eye for a story! I am so glad you encouraged me to do this project, and so pleased with the results. Knowing this will be part of our family’s recorded history gives us all a deep sense of satisfaction. My father would be proud of your work.

If you have anyone contemplating such a project, you can convey to them my utmost confidence, satisfaction, and respect for your work.
L. Cautela, New Jersey

Humorous & Effective

I just saw the completed fundraiser video for our high school arts program. It was funny, spontaneous, and was excellent work indeed. I liked it enormously. The dissemination of that video alone should sell tickets! I want you to know how much I enjoyed this video and I want to thank you for such a creative and terrific piece about the show.
J. Collins, New Jersey


You are a master! This is beautiful. You have done an amazing job. Wow. I love how you weave from baby to more grown up rather than having it all go chronologically from baby through current age. It’s much more fun to watch. I watched it again. It is so great. You really picked up on the characters in our family, and they are characters.  I am impressed that you picked up the nuances of who we are.
R. Taubman, California

Creative Innovation

I approached Eric with a strange request: help me create a short film about my dogs and me for a family reunion. What? Eric didn't even hesitate. He was willing to help and actually sounded excited. The day of filming, Eric came prepared and loaded with creative ideas. He had two little spoiled dogs and a diva to work with, and he did it with patience and a great sense of humor! He took a day's worth of footage and edited it into 8 minutes of fun, hilarious, impressive film. He actually made my dogs and me sound interesting! In the middle of editing, he actually called me to tell me that he had come up with new ideas after looking at the footage--so he was able to take his original ideas and rework them into something different and even better. I loved working with Eric and would definitely work with him again!
A. Gappmayer, California


Your video was really incredible. People laughed, cried and were unanimous in their compliments of your work. Dozens of guests took me aside to tell me how impressed they were with the video and how touched they were by it. Best of all, Sara was amazed and overjoyed to see her life portrayed with such love. Everyone noticed how expertly the editing expressed the themes of her life and passions and the depth of her relationship with her sisters and family.
I can't find the words to tell you how pleased we are with your work and how much this tribute means to our family. Thank you from all of us! Amazing work! You are superb. I can't compliment you enough on it. Truly.
H.P. Taubman, California


Eric is an extraordinary storyteller and a brilliant and sensitive video editor ... he told the story of our life and our wedding (one of the first legal, same-sex weddings in New York State) in a sensitive and profound way while making it incredibly entertaining for anyone to enjoy, even people who don't know us ... the musical soundtrack that he so cleverly created enhanced the project immeasurably and brought us to tears the first time we saw it. The video was an outstanding wedding memoir which we will cherish and enjoy sharing with our friends and family for many years to come.

Eric made it very special and definitely took what could have been a routine wedding story and made it into a little gem ... a work of art ...We would recommend him to any individual or business seeking to create a memorable and significant video document of any important event.
L. King and D. Stone, NYC

Complete Joy

Working with Eric Pomert on the Tenafly High School Stars Come Home benefit trailer was a complete joy. He got the job done on time with no hitches. Though his creativity, technical skill, and keen theatrical sense, he took a routine video project and filled it with meaning, color, and humor.
Elizabeth Dworkin, New York
Dworkin & Company

Soulful and Poetic

I chose the perfect person for my video interview, not only for his artistry and mastery of film, image, music, editing but for his uncanny and soulful ability to find the deepest thread of my message and story. From the moment we made the appointment, Eric was so encouraging, attentive and steady, with just enough light teasing to put me at ease. Very thoughtfully, he called me the night before. Did he know otherwise it would be a sleepless night? With his quiet, profound presence, the interview on camera felt very intimate and safe. He was able to explore the matters I am most passionate about with great understanding, and brought out of me things I didn't know I knew. The finished video flows like a dance, or a poem, with beautiful nature images and music interspersed with my talking. I don't know how he does it. It's magic. Whatever your story, your message, Eric will not only capture the heart and soul of it, he will make it a work of art that engages all of you.
Marilyn Steele, Ph.D., CA
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