About Eric

eric pomert
Once upon a time, Eric was a pre-med student at Columbia University. Two months of medical school popped the illusion and he submitted wholeheartedly to his lifelong need to thrive deeply in creative visual storytelling.

"Nuance of character, storytelling rhythm - that's where the magic lies."
Creative consulting that expresses a passion for telling the big stories behind simple moments.
At an early age, his parents exposed him to the works of great narrative directors, including Hal Ashby, Lina Wertmüller, and François Truffaut.

A New Jersey transplant to Berkeley, CA, Eric has worked in broadcast production and postproduction since 1990. His work has aired on the Super Bowl and around the globe, in collaboration with such talents as Will Ferrell, Barbara Walters, Lauren Bacall, and Paul Simon.
His family roots in France, Eric has traveled extensively since childhood around the world, soaking in experience, art and cultural diversity. He is also an occasional director, a Certified Natural Chef and a mentor for kids who don't feel at home in the odd realm of school.

Recent projects include a feature film based in London called "Barry and Joan;" "Ladyhunters," a narrative doc about growing up in Michigan woods; the 25th Anniversary video for the Moab Music Festival; a trailer for the opera version of Steven King's "The Shining;" and a gay couple’s historic New York City marriage.
A professional film and video editor takes your vision into WONDER on the screen.