What do you make of "Her?"

Collapsing the idea of relationship.


I think my favorite aspect of Spike Jonze’s film "Her" was that it provoked me into a web of questions, arguments, and rumination on the definition and qualities of personal relationships.

My take.
For me, "Her" demonstrates that relationship has far more to do with imagination (in monologue and dialogue form) than with the actual exchange of words and actions. That doesn't make it less compelling - in fact, I'll bet many great relationships thrive on cooperative imagination. Much like taking up the company or school motto, we take up the mottoes of our various relationships. The possibilities are endless.

  • Other questions that popped up:
  • Are electronic devices eroding personal relationships?
  • Are they reflecting a pre-existing erosion?
  • Does the film suggest a reclaiming of solitude in our hyper-connected culture?
  • What else?

What's YOUR take?

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